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Welcome to the #lsalearn chat page.

‘The smartest in the room is the room’, said George Couros at a meeting of South Australian Lutheran school leaders around 3 years ago. It is with this in mind that #lsalearn is being rebooted. Join us for this educational chat coming soon.

How can you participate in a Twitter chat. Click this link for some tips and hints. It’s really quite easy.

Anything you post on Twitter (and Facebook for that matter) with an educational focus can include #lsalearn as part of the message. That way we can keep track of the great ideas you curate about education in social media and thereby expand the learning and the connections we have as Lutheran Educators.

If you wish to submit a question on the next edchat topic, or suggest a topic we could cover in the future, please click here. Your questions will be curated and to develop a set of questions for our first Twitter chat and your topic may make it to the Twitterverse.