Reflections on a Conference

Having recently returned from a national conference for educators in Lutheran schools, I have been thinking about what I learned, and what I will do with what I have learned. Conferences can be great to attend, especially when there are large numbers of people who you know also in attendance. The networking and friendship renewal which goes on can be exhilarating. Keynote speakers can be … Continue reading Reflections on a Conference

Why should our college have a twitter account?

The question has arisen, what is the benefit to our college in having a Twitter account. My first response is ‘Why not?’ This quote from George Couros explains how not having a Twitter account could be counterproductive: ‘The more savvy someone is with social media, the more frustrated the person will become with this approach, and if he or she has another option, the person … Continue reading Why should our college have a twitter account?

A Change of Paradigm

Love the quote below from Andy Hargreaves in the Globe and Mail online. The article talks about what’s wrong with national school testing but this quote goes back to what makes a difference if we want create better outcomes in our schools. NAPLAN isn’t making our schools better (probably the opposite), and having a national curriculum won’t either. Most things (maybe all?) that get mandated … Continue reading A Change of Paradigm

Leaping onto iPads: Which apps? Why?

We are planning to purchase a large number of iPads to replace the laptops which are currently on lease at school. Essentially, ease of use is the main benefit, especially for our Junior Primary students. The quick start-up is a great feature. Also, we can see great value in the different tools available through the many different apps which could support the learning of the … Continue reading Leaping onto iPads: Which apps? Why?

Youtube In Schools – to filter or not

What can we do about Youtube in our college. I am keen to explore this further but my current thinking is that we should remove all restrictions for Yr 6 students and up. The control mechanism should be to ensure that students are clearly informed of the expectations and school consequences of inappropriate use. There is a lot of information available through Youtube, so much so that … Continue reading Youtube In Schools – to filter or not

Leadership Retreat 1

How do you involve people in new technology? On leadership retreat with 6 fellow school leaders, we were out for dinner tonight when conversation turned to Twitter. Since spending a day with George Couros then sharing with the Administration team and the Junior School staff, it has been interesting to observe what is happening. Time is certainly an important factor in catering for the uptake … Continue reading Leadership Retreat 1