Identification of Gifted and Talented

This post is part 2 of the outline of my study into catering for students with higher abilities. Although my focus has been on differentiation within the inclusive classroom, it has become obvious that I need to consider the Australian Curriculum and what it states about the importance of student diversity. In light of this, I am also considering the means of providing appropriate programs for these students, and … Continue reading Identification of Gifted and Talented

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Students of Higher Abilities – The Role of Differentiation

As part of the development of our professional knowledge, our college staff have been granted a day to work on our research project. This is our second full day, along with the staff meetings we have been given to work on our own research. This is a summary of some reading I have undertaken. Reading – Chapter 12 ‘Differentiated Instruction’ My major question is, how can differentiation … Continue reading Students of Higher Abilities – The Role of Differentiation

Influential Grandparents

After witnessing another great day with grandparents visiting our school, I was struck by the hum of positive activity around the school. Particularly striking were the number of difficult to engage students engrossed in the variety of activities. There are often other times when I get the same sense of active learning but it begs the question, what was special about today? Out of the … Continue reading Influential Grandparents

Reflections on a Conference

Having recently returned from a national conference for educators in Lutheran schools, I have been thinking about what I learned, and what I will do with what I have learned. Conferences can be great to attend, especially when there are large numbers of people who you know also in attendance. The networking and friendship renewal which goes on can be exhilarating. Keynote speakers can be … Continue reading Reflections on a Conference

Why should our college have a twitter account?

The question has arisen, what is the benefit to our college in having a Twitter account. My first response is ‘Why not?’ This quote from George Couros explains how not having a Twitter account could be counterproductive: ‘The more savvy someone is with social media, the more frustrated the person will become with this approach, and if he or she has another option, the person … Continue reading Why should our college have a twitter account?