Student Engagement on #lsalearn

These are our 5 key questions tonight:

Engagement and compliance – how do they compare?
Why is student engagement an important consideration?
What factors inhibit engagement in learning?
What strategies and tools foster student engagement?
How is task design a factor in engaging students in their learning?



#lsalearn Questions on the topic Starting A New Year

Tonight at 8pm ACST we have the first #lsalearn Twitter chat. Here are the questions we will focus on:

Q1 How do schools make new students welcome?

Q2 What strategies have you observed or used to give students ownership of their learning environment?

Q3 How do schools foster connections with parents in the beginning of the school year? (esp new families)

Q4 What communication strategies are effective at the start of the school year?

Q 5 What tips do you have to help maintain work-life balance?