#lsalearn Participating in a Chat On Twitter 

With the first #lsalearn chat coming up here are a few tips to help you in participating –

  • Before the chat begins ensure you have the #lsalearn back channel open. Do this simply by typing in #lsalearn in the search window and pressing enter. If you get keen, you might want to get a Twitter platform installed like Tweetdeck. This is not necessary but it allows you to see more than one feed at a time.
  • When the chat begins, have a nice coffee, a couple of biscuits and put your feet up.
  • Normally you would get asked to tweet your name and where you’re from – this is just so we know who has tuned in and helps to break the ice. It’s OK to lurk anonymously but you’ll get more out of it by diving in sharing your perspective. A great way to increase your PLN (professional learning network)
  • The moderator will post the questions as we go with ‘Q’ preceding the question number. If you respond to Q1, write A1 at the start of your tweet, and close off with #lsalearn (this ensures that chatters will see your tweet)
  • Don’t forget, everyone’s opinion is valid, so be nice!
  • Always include #lsalearn in your tweet because that’s how your contribution to the chat is included

A great idea is to look at other chats (and there are plenty). #aussieed, #luthedchat, #whatisschool and #ukedchat are excellent examples of Twitter chats for educators. That is one way to see how they generally run.

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