Google Docs In Class

GoogleDocsSomething that freaked some of my Yr 4 students out recently was the use of Google Docs with my iPad and the class interactive whiteboard.

We don’t have Apple TV in classes yet (working on that!) Our work laptops have docks and it is a bit tricky to run a class/large group discussion on the IWB. My handwriting looks atrocious because the projector doesn’t quite line up consistently. Character recognition on SmartBoard works well but the process of using it to change written text to typed text is cumbersome and disrupts the flow of discussion.

I had an ah-ha moment where I decided to set up a document on Google Docs to hyperlink in a Smart Notebook slide. Once I have it on the IWB, I open the same document on my iPad (using the Google Doc app) and as we have a discussion I (or a student) can type the discussion points on the iPad ‘et voila’ it appears on the white board.

The Yr 4 group I teach is the kind of active group who struggle to maintain any length of concentration so this helps to just keep the discussion flowing quicker and gives them something to watch on the screen. It certainly catches their attention!

It has proven to be a good tool to use in staff meetings (again no Apple TV yet) where I can type up discussion points and people can see it in real time, make suggestions and point out corrections.

What next? It would be great to enable the students to access Google Docs and use it as a collaborative tool on the student laptops and iPads. And then…go global!

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