Reflections on a Conference


Having recently returned from a national conference for educators in Lutheran schools, I have been thinking about what I learned, and what I will do with what I have learned.

Conferences can be great to attend, especially when there are large numbers of people who you know also in attendance. The networking and friendship renewal which goes on can be exhilarating. Keynote speakers can be inspiring and workshop presenters can engage the mind with possibilities. There is often much that you can get out of conferences; you can return from them with a heightened sense of excitement about what you want to achieve in your role back at school. Indeed, conferences can at times have a lasting impact on what happens in your workplace.

The lasting impact I have from this conference isn’t just the individual ‘bits of information’ I picked up on, or the new strategies and ideas presented. The lasting impact was seeing the way technology was used to enhance the conference and then considering how this could be of benefit as an educator. This is the first conference I have been to that had an integrated approach to using ICT to engage and connect participants. I was impressed that the conference actually endeavoured to emulate good teaching practice. There were some great presenters, and they had great things to share but my ‘deep learning’ happened elsewhere! These are my six main learning points (and the topics for my next 6 blog posts):

  • Youtube Front-loading
  • Using Twitter to Learn
  • The Conference App
  • Live Online Conference Presenters
  • The Power of Google Docs
  • YouTube Followup…Ongoing Learning



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