Why should our college have a twitter account?

The question has arisen, what is the benefit to our college in having a Twitter account. My first response is ‘Why not?’

This quote from George Couros explains how not having a Twitter account could be counterproductive: ‘The more savvy someone is with social media, the more frustrated the person will become with this approach, and if he or she has another option, the person will take it…We need to not only get into the same room but also talk when we are all there.’ In other words when people have confidence in using social media, and in fact use it and rely on it in their day to day life, they can become disenchanted and actually look elsewhere. I would count myself as one of those people.

The main impediment perhaps in our situation is the number of people in our college community who use Twitter (we know there are students using it) which at first glance would be low. There is no doubt however that there are some people who use Twitter and maybe looking for the college to catch up. What if another school in our region fills this vacuum and uses Twitter to engage with the community. This also gives us an opportunity to become progressive and educative, giving our parent community, and the wider local community, a chance to engage meaningfully in a globally significant digital platform.

Other people have explained more eloquently why and how schools can use Twitter such as George Couros  here and via  a short video that gives a quick taster of how Twitter can be used in schools here.

I summary, my thoughts are:

  • The first and most basic reason is to at least reserve a twitter handle you would want to use before someone else gets it
  • Schools promote themselves as progressive, digitally modern schools but without using Twitter are we really missing an important ingredient in living this out
  • It is a great opportunity to show the community that the school is actively involved in the positive use of social media and digital technologies.
  • It gives the school an opportunity to engage with the school community

Here are examples of school Twitter accounts:



St Peter’s Blackwood

A blog which gives a good rundown of using a school Twitter account as part of it’s marketing strategy at this link