Leadership Retreat 1

How do you involve people in new technology? On leadership retreat with 6 fellow school leaders, we were out for dinner tonight when conversation turned to Twitter. Since spending a day with George Couros then sharing with the Administration team and the Junior School staff, it has been interesting to observe what is happening. Time is certainly an important factor in catering for the uptake of anything new.

Comparing what happened in the two different scenarios, the leadership team, whilst overall showing some initial enthusiasm, got overtaken by the pressing needs of the time of the year. Semester 2 was drawing to a close and with a quick 10 minute Twitter ‘teaser’ at meeting time, there was very little chance of any real uptake. However, over dinner, with time to have questions answered, everyone joined Twitter and began to get connected.

Working with the Junior School staff at a staff meetings a few weeks ago, the head of school and I had a good hour set aside for people to get connected. We had hoped to achieve a lot and in our own way we did. Unfortunately, the process of joining up didn’t go smoothly. Seems Twitter was treating us as spammers. However, the allocation of time to listen, observe and have a go, enabled people to go ahead in their own time with some confidence.

Time I think is of the essence. Having the time with George enabled me to see and experience the potential of this social platform. Having the time set aside within the business of the school meeting cycle gave the staff an opportunity to explore another way they can enhance their professional learning. Having a Principal who allows time for school leadership to have professional conversations resulted in the inquiry into something new.


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